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    MJB is dedicated  to the enhancement of a womans' butt, we will feature  new improved ways to get a bigger butt along with other information on butt lifting panties, butt implant surgery, butt enhancers, big butt exercises,how to get rid of stretch marks, how to get rid of cellulite and much more bootylicious information.We may have the most variety of booty lifters online, so enjoy!

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     Some people have too much , too little, too low, too fat. What ever the case may be, we wanna celebrate it here at Ms. Juicy Booty. We want to show you how to get a bigger butt, a round butt, a sexy tight and firm butt. Let it be known up front this is not an adult website, nor are we affiliated with any. This is a place for women and some men too as I've said before we are here to Celebrate having or getting a bigger ass. Let first start with * The tragic History of Saartjie Baartman

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    Bigger Butt SecretsEx-Model Forced To Reveal The Hidden Secrets
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    The Supermodels' Secret to a Perfect Butt

    Everthing you need to get a bigger butt

    Everything you need to Get a Bigger Butt

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    Booty Bands & Pantyhoses Butt Enhancing Briefs & Panties Butt Ehancers with Tummy/Waist/Hip Control Plus Size Butt Enhancers Padded Butt & Hip Pads Mens Padded Underwear Booty Ehancing Jeans Butt Enhancing Creams & Pills
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    How to get a Bigger Butt

     Generally there are 3 ways to achieve a bigger booty. The first is of course exercise , yes there are big butt exercises, the gluteus is a muscle and you can lift your glutes and make them perky. Walking is a free and sure way of getting an easy booty lift, but you will need more tartgeted excercises to get your desired effect. It also a good idea to use body firming creams and lotions to complement your workout regime. Lifting the buttocks will not necessarily give you the feminine shape you desire which is why there is a he second method to getting a bigger booty and that is to buy body shapeware or butt enhancers, the padded bra for the butt, butt lifting panties are all over the internet and on sale at your local department stores, they are even booty liifting panties on As Seen on Tv infomercials .Silicone and foam butt pads are the most common materials made for butt enhancement. The third and most extreme way to get a bigger bum is of course butt implant surgery. So for those you who ask the question, how do i get a bigger butt and be bootylicious? These are your main options, but there are more. The big booty look is increasing in popularity, and more products are coming out on the market geared at developing a voluptuous feminine shape.

    Loans for cosmetic, visions, dentistry and other medical procedures

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    Author: Nadia Cherubin

    Do you know what trend is right for you and your body type and do you know that the right pair of shoes and accessories are something that you must have as a part of your daily warddrobe.

    Ladies, did you know that a great pair of jeans goes a long way and did you know that wearing a great pair of jeans can transform your look into something different and making you look real chic and classy whether you're petite or plus size. Although, they have jeans that's good for a petite body type which I consider to be jean therapy for me because I'm small and petite and can fit into just about everything .

    A pair of trouser jeans and low rise stretch jeans is great as well. However, you shouldn't wear any bootcut jeans, cause it will make you look like you're standing in a bucket and making your legs look shorter.

    They also have the gold sign jeans for booty that's flat which will give you your butt that extra lift and the Levis superlow skinny jeans is for long legs, so start shopping around ASAP for that great pair of jeans that will do your body justice.

    Note: If you're out shopping for a great pair of jeans, you should go somewhere where they have the intellefit machine that actually sizes you up from head to toe in order to find the right pair of jeans for your body type.

    Do you know what type of style of jeans that is fashionable and stylish because truthfully, fashion is a follow the leader business, but style comes from you and how you see yourself.

    Now, you'll need a great pair of shoes to go with those jeans that will transform your outfit into a look that's fabulous, so therefore, you can't resist and they have different selections of shoes from the shoe stores to wear where you don't have to spend that much for a pair and that's a fact.

    Now you know that you can't go wrong, so shop away when it comes to trends and those stylish items.
    About the Author:

    Newly published author/writer. A new writer of urban tales and fiction. My first book will be out this summer of 2008.

    Article Source: - Jeans

    The case AGAINST hyrdogel or Butt injections

    "I'm a plastic surgeon in Miami and I've been doing research about how to treat the complications of hydrogel injections. I have a patient that had this done in her butt (in another country) and now has a big abnormal bump ABOVE her butt. There are papers that talk about many problems with Hydrogel. There is a reason it is NOT approved for use in this country. My treatment of choice for butt augmentation is fat transfer. You get the benefit of liposuction and then have YOUR OWN fat reinjected into your butt. Results look really good and feel natural. That is the best way to get a bigger, rounder butt. If you're too thin you may want to consider implants. I don't do implants because there is also a high rate of complications with them. If you have more questions or need more information please feel free to email me: I want to be sure you're all getting the best information. And for God's sake, DON'T get medical treatments from anyone but Board Certified doctors."

    Feel free to email Dr. Rubinstein with any questions you have, let him know where you found him.

    How to Get a Bigger Butt - Why Women and Men Want a Sexy Butt

    By: Angie Hairston

    As the saga continues with all mankind, not being satisfied with what God has given them in accordance with body shapes. There are those people that do not have enough butt to fill out their jeans. These types of body shaped people thrive to find ways to improve the amount of butt visible to the opposite sex, and to feel good about how they look in certain attire. Along with self-confidence, these things will be gained when it is learned how to get a bigger butt.

    From the female aspect, most females do not have trouble creating junk in the trunk, and others have a straight physique. This means there is no cut waistline or curves. When a woman wants her butt to be bigger for whatever reasons, the key to achieving this goal is to decrease the waistline. Accomplishing a defined waistline without gaining weight will create an illusion of having a bigger butt, but not really.

    Most women's fashion items are made to cater to the small waist-big butt ratio. These clothes do not always fit a thick waisted individual. Consequently, the size of a woman's butt is measured using an average proportion of visual content. Exercising that works the waist muscles will define a waistline.

    Men on the other hand sometimes have no butt either, for them the task of getting a butt when one is not available is extremely difficult. Most women like to see a man that fills out his jeans rather well in the back. Since men gain muscle mass faster than women, it would be a wise practice for a man with no butt to focus on muscles that work the glutenous maximums or butt muscles.

    To sum it all up, there are exercises that are used to concentrate all muscle building tissue on certain areas. If you want a bigger booty, make sure muscle is being gained in that area. Fat is not wanted by anyone at anytime for anything.

    About the Author

    Learn how to get a bigger butt with this free Bigger Butt Enhancement Guide. Click here to get started.
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    Article Source: - How to Get a Bigger Butt - Why Women and Men Want a Sexy Butt

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